Monday, May 14, 2012

Japanese Deities

     In the game there is a sub-type known as "Spirit" monsters. Not many know this but some of these "Spirit" are based of Japanese Deities.  Izanagi for example is one of them. What I don't understand is how come these monsters aren't more powerful?

    They've made the egyptian god monsters and even the norse gods extremely powerful. So how come their own deities aren't even nearly as powerful?

    Izanami is another of the deities. She is the goddess of creation and death and also the wife/sister of Izanagi.

     Tsukuyomi is another of the deities. Also known as the god of the moon.

    Susa Soldier is the only card I've seen so far that isn't properly named. It is supposedly "Susanoo" the god of the storm.

    I didn't know this until recently, but "Suijin" is the japanese god of water. For years I have been using him in my "Water" deck and never realized that this whole time I was summoning the deity of water to the field. I'm not sure about the other "Gate Guardian" pieces, but from the looks of it I'm pretty sure they too are based of japanese deities.

    There's probably a ton more cards that I failed to cover here. So if anyone knows of any cards that I missed then be sure to let me know in the comment section. :D

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Deadly Monsters Then And Now

    Remember in the original days of Yugioh how "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" was the top monster card? One of the first Ultra Rare cards to exists. Now however it's printed as a common card in the "Dragons Collide" structure deck. Back then this was the card that when someone were to summon it you'd be like "Oh crap, what do I do now!?".  Till this day it is to my knowledge the most powerful normal monster.

    I didn't get to see much of "Yugioh GX" so I don't know what were their best monsters. As for "5Ds" however, their deadly monster was "Stardust Dragon". Everytime someone summons it they go "Oh crap, what do I do now!?". Considering it's high atk and tactical effect it was and still is a pretty difficult monster to deal with.

    And now we go to "Yugioh Zexal", the latest edition to the franchise. In this series they've introduced "Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon", the latest of the deadly monsters. It has the same atk/def, attribute, and type as "Blue-Eyes White Dragon". However, it is way better than "Blue-Eyes".  It's effect allows it to be special summoned allowing you to normal summon afterwards, and it's nearly impossible to defeat in battle. On top of that, it's an "xyx monster" killer due to it's effect to get stronger after battling and xyz monster that still has it's material attached to it.

     I know there are thousands of deadly cards, but I'm only discussing the most popular ones from the show. Galaxy-Eyes is a great replacement for Blue-Eyes. I only wonder what will they come up with next.

The Norse Gods: Loki, Thor, And Odin

      The Norse Gods were introduced as cards in "Yugioh 5Ds". Originally they were "Divine Beast" type; however that was only in the anime series and each of them now have their own types in the TCG (trading card game).

     As you can see. they are now "Spellcaster, Beast-warrior, and Fairy". For Loki, I understand him being a spellcaster. As for Thor, he should've been either a "Thunder" type since he's the god of thunder or a "Warrior" type. I never heard anything about Thor being a beast of any kind so it makes no sense to me for him to be a "Beast-warrior".

     As for Odin, I'm not sure if "Fairy" was a right choice for him. I see him more as a "Warrior". Either way these three god cards are pretty powerful if you can get the proper support cards then you can build a deck for any of them. They all have high atk/def and powerful effects.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Welcome Duelists!

   Welcome duelists from around the world. This is the official blog of the Facebook Group "Yu-Gi-Oh! Cult" :D